As in traditional ashrams, Trinity’s kitchen and dining area are the most important spaces after the temple and meditation hall. It is here that we get together to share food and conversations, laughter and silence.

From the beginning of humankind and across the globe, food has always been considered key in influencing overall wellbeing and balancing body, mind, and soul.

“The first Yoga is food”, Sri Krishnamacharya

Our food is a fusion of various traditions. We aim at using food that is seasonal and local. Our professional cook, Yonka, is trained in serving vegetarian and vegan dishes. She comes from Apriltsi and brings local flavor and traditional knowledge into her delicious creations. Our eggs are from free-range hens at the farm next door, the yoghurt is homemade, honey comes from local bees and herbs are foraged in nature to make teas.

If you would like to cater for yourself and bring a cook, this is also possible. We also offer cooking classes at some of our retreats.

We do not strive to heal you with food, yoga or bodywork. We strive to create the conditions necessary for your body and mind to heal themselves.