All the rooms in our center are themed and individually designed with lots of love and care for detail. Each room has an individual bathroom and lavatory, and a balcony with a beautiful view.

Trinity is very influenced by the concept of ashrams, as well as by our individual travels and contacts with various cultures on different continents. We strive to create an environment of ancient and authentic spirituality enriched by modern life and accessible to all. This includes not only our interior, but also the food we share and the practices we offer.

The center can accommodate up to a total of 21 people.

The rooms are:

The flower of life room – ground floor, 1 double + 1 single bed

Tantrika room – first floor, 1 double bed

Sky room – first floor, 1 double + 1 single bed + 1 pull-out mattress

Buddha room – first floor, 2 single beds + 1 bunk bed (can accommodate 2 adults with 2 children or 4 adults)

Poppy room – second floor, 3 single beds

Cosy room – third floor, 1 double bed

Peak room – third floor, 3 single beds

Tantrika room, accommodates 2

This cosy, bright room can make you feel like you are on your honeymoon. Romance oozes from the guitar, the hand-painted furniture and the beautiful Tuscan bed with its baldachin. Whether you share this room with your beloved or with your precious Self, the altar creates a safe environment for privacy and solitude any time of the day. There are candles and natural essential oils at your disposal if you wish to turn the room into a temple. Hearts can be found everywhere – from the hand-designed mirror to the little ornaments. They are reminders of the undying power of pure love. The clock hanging on the wall has long forgotten to measure time and now serves another purpose – that of a beautiful ornament. Even if you are not in love, you will surely fall in love with Life after just one night in this magical room.

Sky room, accommodates 3

In this blue room all natural elements – sky, earth, ether, water, sun are balanced. The bright window opens on to views of the majestic mountains and evergreen pine forests. You can hear the bubbling river which runs through the garden and enjoy the rays of warmth on your face. This harmonisation of all elements brings a deep feeling of peace – as if you were soaring in the crystal clear blue sky. Once you have come in contact with this harmony, it follows you throughout your day. This room with its double and single beds is perfect for a family with either 1 or 2 children. It provides an option for a comfy pull-out mattress so that even a large family can feel at home here.

Buddha room, accommodates 4

On each bed in this room you will find one of the oldest and most powerful mantras – Om Mani Padme Hum (The treasure is in the lotus, which contains all of Buddha’s teachings). Writing down mantras is a very common way to increase their power. This particular one has been written in caves, on rocks and praying stones since ancient times. In fact, the mantra is so strong that you can feel its vibrations the moment you step into the room. When you enter, energies of compassion and loving kindness surround you – just like they do in Buddhist temples. This is no coincidence – this room with its four beds is perfect for people who have come to Trinity alone or with friends and wish to meet and get closer to others with similar interests and beliefs. The night lights on each individual bed give you the freedom to read without disturbing others. The main color of the room (ash rose) in combination with the picture of Buddha looking at you from the wall are perfect to aid total relaxation and letting go. The room provides two singe beds (which can be turned into a double) and a bunk bed.

Poppy room, accommodates 3

A sensation of spring freshness welcomes you the moment you step into this room. Its three beds can easily be arranged to suit your needs – they can be used as three single beds, one double and one single, or even as a huge double bed. The room with its altar invites you to meditate whenever you feel the need for seclusion and privacy. The poppies on the walls look like they have just opened their aromatic buds. They are here to remind you of the sweet scent of life with its everlasting harmony and peace. The entire room is decorated with flower motifs and picturesque landscape paintings. The window invites warm rays of sun and fresh mountain air to stream in. The room creates a feeling of spring – evoking the scents of fresh green grass and wild flowers. It brings a smile to your face and invites you to enjoy your stay in Trinity. The best part of it all is that this feeling will stay with you long after you have left the house…!

Cosy room, accommodates 2

The name says it all. This is a cosy, warm room with a magnificent view of two mountain peaks – Botev and Maragidik. The chairs on the balcony invite you to meditate and revel in the beauty of the splendid mountains in front of you. The room is furnished with a double bed and can accommodate a couple, two close friends or a single person who wishes to enjoy privacy. The hand-painted furniture adds to the sensation of magic and romance.

Peak room, accommodates 3

The wonderful wooden furniture in this room creates a special warmth and an authentic Bulgarian home feeling while the view of mountain peaks can really take your breath away with itsis magnificently breathtaking. That is what makes this room unique – it combines the feeling of freedom, splendour, and vastness with the comfort, cosiness and warmth of the Bulgarian home. The view towards the Balkans’ highest peak Botev is really majestic. The moment you look through the window of this room, you lose track of time and space and if you get quiet and let go, the songs of the wind and the scent of the pine forest will take you away and tell you legends of old times. At the same time the river just below you invites you with its playful sounds to go out and explore. The wonderful bathtub in the bathroom awaits you to enjoy moments of total relaxation and fullness, there are candles and natural essential oils to make this experience one to remember… There is also a second shower in the bathroom.