Trinity Retreat Center

From the moment you open the door at Trinity, you will feel at home. At least that is what our guests say…! The house is cosy and accommodating and welcomes anyone interested in connecting body, mind and soul.

Whether you choose to come on a personal retreat, or would like to join one of our seminars, you will be taken care of, so that you return to your day-to-day inspired, rejuvenated and relaxed.  Morning yoga practices are energising and strengthening, afternoon | evening practices usually involve deep relaxation. Upon request, there will be therapist on-site for bodywork therapy such as massages, Thai massage, etc.

The aroma sauna after long walk in the forest is a treat, or you can meditate down at the river at the bottom of the garden.

The food

Our kitchen is always open for you, as we believe cooking and eating are sharing and our food is prepared with love.

We use local home-made products as much as we can, such as pine honey, jams, fresh milk, home-made yogurt, bread, eggs from happy hens at the farm next door and foraged herbs for tea. We try to live in unison with nature and the meals we prepare are fresh, and balanced – vegetarian and vegan.

Coffee and teas are available all day. We also offer superfood smoothies with wheat grass, spirulina, red berries, … to boost our energy naturally and healthily.

About the retreat center

A Retreat House is literally somewhere you go to retreat, immersed in nature, equipped with all mod cons to make your stay comfortable. We also have a 90sq. metre seminar hall for workshops, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

In our kitchen we prepare healthy vegetarian food for our guests.

When combining physical and spiritual practices, healthy food and nature, you can more easily let go of the day-to-day, clear the slate and become inspired and full of „Prana“ – the life force energy which keeps us healthy and vibrant.

In Bulgaria this is quite new concept, and Trinity is the very first retreat house here, created in 2012, a year in which the need for inner realisation became a priority for many people.

We have created a place open to practicing in various traditions. Our purpose is human development in general, and no specific ideology or religion. The inspiration to create such a space came from having stayed at ashrams all over the world. Yet, contrary to many ashrams, there is no guru and our guests are invited to find the „guru“ or teacher inside themselves by engaging in spiritual practices or simply by being in nature.

  • A place that welcomes anyone curious to discover his/her true self
  • A guest-house in a picturesque village surrounded by forests, close to a small river.
  • Equipped with a cozy yoga hall with a soothing, calm atmosphere.
  • A place for your seminar.
  • A place for your next holiday. You can visit our house without participating in a seminar or a retreat. In this case you can enjoy our cook’s delicious meals, book a relaxing sauna session, ride a bike in the near forest/town, walk around and enjoy the fresh mountain air or visit the local swimming pool.
  • An example of a natural lifestyle in harmony with nature’s laws and in peace with all other people.
  • A place for dedicated sadhana, self-realization, and self-actualization.
  • A place that welcomes children and supports their conscious development.

Who we are

Devi (Teodora Ratcheva)
Devi (Teodora Ratcheva)
In her practices Devi weaves the wisdom of family constellations with the mysticism of yoga and the healing of effect of essential oils with the power of affirmations. Her life is an embodiment of her teachings. Her 8 years as a professional yoga teacher + 14 years of personal practice provide her with a firm foundation, which she uses as a stepping stone for creative expression in the natural flow of living and teaching.
Her interest in essential oils started back in 2010 when she first integrated scents in her classes in Yoga Mandala.
Shortly after, she gave birth to her daughter and for 3 years couldn’t get back to her old physical shape. In August 2015 Devi rediscovered herself through acro yoga, essential oils and conscious eating and effortlessly lost 7 kilograms.

Devi’s natural affinity towards meditation has led to her meeting with amazing teachers and receiving initiations in ancient tantric techniques. Her classes are a beautiful mixture of yoga, meditation, pranayama, sound work, crystal healing, mudras and universal wisdom – all of them presented in a light, easy-going way.
Devi has studied yoga and meditation in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, the USA, and many other countries. Her studies have shaped her and have given her the capacity to effortlessly meet East and West in her teachings. She has taken a 200-hour teacher training with Shiva Rea and has assisted senior prana vinyasa flow teachers all over the world.

3rd level yumeiho therapist, zen thai shiatsu specialist, and kriya yoga teacher
Moksha met yoga more than 12 years ago. Years filled with intensive studies and worldwide travels. He has studied Ayurveda and is a certified kriya-hatha yoga teacher. He has also completed the „Yogic studies 1 & 2” course at the Bihar School of Yoga.
“Ever since the beginning of my practice I had this delicate feeling of misbalance which was deeply rooted in my body, even though it was really hard to detect. As much as I tried, I couldn’t balance the left and right sides of my body. Something was missing. Even though I practiced daily, I could not find the balance in my body. I was searching for a method which would lead me to the place where I couldn’t go with my yoga practice. I tried different techniques with various therapists, and all of them were great, but they were not able to reach the depths I was looking for.
I can honestly say that Yumeiho is the best method for balancing the body I have discovered so far. The moment I felt this special eastern massage, I knew that this was the technique I wanted to work with and that I wanted to receive as an addition to my yoga practice.
My years of experience have made me believe that some people need a preparation for the more profound manual therapies. This has led me to my other specialty and professional love – the zen thai shiatsu method. Zen thai shiatsu is a very up-to-date form of physical and emotional treatment which has been a great addition to my professional Yumeiho practice and is an alternative I often use in my therapies.
My three professional interests have gradually transformed into an individual yoga-therapeutic program which I have developed and now offer to my patients who seek lasting results in their physical and psycho-emotional state. I take into account the individual needs of the person I work with. Based on them I often add basic physical, meditative or breathing exercises to enhance the effects of the therapy.